Before you think of looking for the best wax for black cars, you need to understand that the pride of the owner of a black car is in its magnificent luster and radiant classy look. Maintenance is always key for any vehicle especially when it has to do with a black vehicle and one of the most essential steps to taking proper care of your black vehicle’s exterior improving its radiant and classy look and increasing its life span.

best wax for black cars


Also, most car owners have the mindset of not caring any less about their vehicle because it is painted black. They think this is an advantage as they can get away with a number of scratches that wouldn’t be quickly noticeable because the color of the vehicle blends with almost any shade of scratch or dirt. This mindset should be removed, thrown away and trampled on by foot. Maintenance for your black vehicle is necessary to preserve its shine. Why?

Black vehicles are not only known for their luster but also for their heat absorption during winter season and also any light colored dirt or blemish can be easily visible on a dark surface hence the need for its routine maintenance and care. To ensure your car’s coating remains intact, waxing its surface is recommended either manually or using a buffer after hand washing.

Why do you Need to Wax Your Car?

Waxing is basically adding a considerable layer of protection to a car’s paint. This layer of protection serves as a separation between chemicals or elements that can destroy the car’s paint and the car’s paint layers. The best wax for black cars is specially compiled with a formula that not just protects the car’s coating and paint but also renews and adds gloss and luster to the car. Another way of ensuring the black gloss of your car does not dull out is using a good car polish after waxing. Polishing also helps to cover any scratch that may be left on the waxed layer ensuring a deep reflection and a magnificent finish.

How to Choose the Best Wax for your Black Cars

Before you go ahead to select a car wax for your car, in this case your black vehicle, you will need to take into consideration the following things:

  • The hue of the car wax. You will want to choose a car wax that will easily cover up scratches on your vehicle.
  • The weather condition of your region also matters. A car’s coating could incur certain damages from UV rays so you will likely want to pick a wax that will repair or reduce such damages.

How To Apply A Car Wax

Like most processes, waxing your car can be done manually – by hand best using a poly foam wax applicator or it can also be done  mechanically using a dual action polisher.

Waxing Your Car Manually

  • Apply the wax in the shade, this is to make it easy to buff off the wax.
  • Ensure the vehicle is dry to prevent streaking of the wax.
  • Apply the thinnest coat you can to the car to prevent streaking of the wax. If you want more depth and shine, you are advised to apply a thin layer at intervals of the wax’s cure time. Poly foam wax applicators are absorbent, durable, washable and reusable. They are the best for applying thin wax layers.
  • After application, buff the haze away with a quality microfiber towel – a good example of which is the Miracle Towel, rotating to reveal a clean side. A microfiber does not shed lint and it removes the wax residue as it shines the paint.
  • Correct uneven shine or streaks with a quick detail spray and buff away.

Waxing Your Car Mechanically

  •  Choose a soft, absorbent but firm foam finishing pad to  apply wax.
  • If you are using a paste wax, spread it on the foam as if putting butter on a piece of bread with a putty knife. On the other hand, dispense three (3) lines of wax round the pad’s edges if  you are using a liquid wax.
  • Make sure to press the polisher against the car’s paint to prevent splattering if you are using liquid wax.
  • Your dual action polisher should be set to a maximum speed of 3. This is recommended speed for applying wax.
  • Spread the wax on the paint until its evenly covered and be sure to turn off the machine before lifting it off the paint.
  • Although this a mechanical waxing process, buffing should be done by hand if your wax does not allow you to apply to the entire vehicle before buffing otherwise you could buff the entire vehicle mechanically using a microfiber – which of course doesn’t shed lint.

Having known these bulk of data, we now believe you have an idea of what you should look for when you want to buy a wax for your black vehicle and also the best way to apply this wax so you don’t have to probably pay someone to do so. Now below is a review of our top four (4) dark colored wax for your black cars.

Meguiar’s G7014J Gold Class Carnauba plus Paste Wax – 11oz

Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba plus Paste WaxYet another package from the Meguiars. This liquid wax has been considered among professional auto detailers, enthusiasts and clients of the product to be the best wax for black cars. It has an improved formula that leaves a deep reflection and clear coat protection, owing this feature to its carnauba plus polymers. The only con possessed by this product might just be that it doesn’t entirely give absolute resistance to the paint coating.

For more info on Meguiar’s Gold class car wash, click here.


Turtle Wax T-3KT Black Box Kit – 16oz

turtle wax black box kitNext on our list is the Carnauba based Turtle wax T-3KT Black box kit. The black tinted pre-cleaner comes with a conditioner which does not just removes scratches and swirls but also elaborates and perfects the shine on your vehicle. Its spray form availability enables users to be able to get rid of surface contaminants easily offering your black car a complete and excellent polish and streak-less finish.


Meguiar’s G6207 Black Wax Paste – 7 oz

Meguiar's black wax pasteThe legendary Meguiar’s black wax is a specially formulated wax which produces the deepest reflections and gloss on dark to black paints. There are no dyes or colorant as it makes use of full polishing oils. It provides the following benefits:

  • It polishes while waxing for incredible depths and swirl free results.
  • It is both compatible for hand or dual action machine application.
  • Offers protection that lasts for months.


Turtle T-374KTR Wax Color Magic Car Polish Black – 16oz

turtle wax color magicIf your vehicle has a lot of scratches and chips on its surface then you will probably want to give this Turtle Wax Color Magic Polish a try. Perhaps it can work the very magic you are looking for on your black vehicle. Its technological advanced formula pretty much removes all swirls and transforms your vehicle’s paint. A long lasting protective coating is also guaranteed due to the presence of a polyurethane compound that ultimately gives the final finish and classy look to your car. So when you have those set of annoying scratches and you want to cover it up real quick? The turtle wax color magic polish will be your best bet.

Click here for the full list of Best Wax for Black Cars.

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